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Swedish comics history av Fredrik Strömberg

Swedish comics history av Fredrik Strömberg
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This book contains a short history of comics in Sweden, with focus on the visual parts: the images. Swedish comics are just now about to make it abroad, but they have a long and intricate history - going back to (at least) the end of the 18th century. Perhaps even more interesting is the fact that today, comics artists of Sweden display a variety of expressions and breadth of subject matter unequalled in the history of this country. Welcome to a journey into an unknown territory. This is a new, revised and expanded version of the book Swedish Comics History from 2003 by the same author. "You could find no better guide to the fascinating heritage and contemporary dynamism of strips, comics, graphic novels and even manga from Sweden than Fredrik Strömberg. His passionate curiosity and in-depth research make this a hugely enjoyable voyage of discovery." /Paul Gravett, author of Manga - Sixty Years of Japanese Comics and Great British Comics - A Century of Ripping Yarns and Wizard Wheezes

About the author: Fredrik Strömberg is a journalist, author and historian who has studied comics since the early 1990s. He is one of the editors of Bild & Bubbla, Scandinavia's largest, as well as the world's second oldest, magazine about comics - and the president of the Swedish Comics Association. He writes regularly for newspapers and magazines about comics, is one of the headmasters of the Comic Art School of Malmö, one of the editors of Scandinavian Journal of Comic Art and is on the international editorial board of the International Journal of Comic Art. Among the books he has written are: The Comics Go to Hell, Comic Art Propaganda and the Eisner nominated Black Images in the Comics.


(This book is published 2010. There is also an earlier book with the same title by the same author published in 2003. Check under "Relaterade produkter" in the bar above.)

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